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Community Service Awards
League of Women Voters
Hopewell Valley, New Jersey

The following lists the Hopewell Valley League of Women Voters Community Service Award Recipients by year and recipient name. Note there were some years with more then one recipient. We would love to hear from any of our recipients about what is happening in their lives.

2016 Ketake Gujar
2015 Olivia Obst
2014 Molly Peterson
2013 Will Cleaveland
2012 Morgan Hall
2011 Elisabeth Rory Nachbar
2010 Molly Haggerty
2009 Kelsey Bruno
2008 Kathleen Reside
2007 Eileen Carroll
2007 John Muccioli
2006 Lauria Solia
2006 Steve Warner
2002 Maureen Gallagher
2002 Jennifer Riley
2001 Melissa Olde
2001 Heather Switlik

2000 Jason Orlosky
1999 Deborah Rhebergen
1998 David Crum
1997 Matthew Nelson
1996 Johann Aberger
1995 Colleen Farrell
1994 Les Egar
1993 Megan Bruther
1992 Nicholas Murray
1991 Kevin J. Chase
1990 Susan Myers
1989 Scott Faluotico
1988 Richard F. Bailey, Jr.
1987 Sarah Kales
1986 Heather Bailey
1985 Sandy Scheier

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